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What’s the difference between this website and the Association’s website?

This website was built and is being maintained by a Jupiter Bay condo-unit owner. Its purpose is to provide additional information about Jupiter Bay from the perspective of a 20+ year homeowner, prior board member/president, and licensed community association manager (CAM).

The Jupiter Bay Condominium Association’s (JBCA’s) official website, provided by Triton Property Management, is a product of Frontsteps, a software development firm headquartered in Colorado that provides a variety of association-support products. JBCA uses the Frontsteps software primarily to store, and make available for owner access, documents required by Florida’s condo association website statute 718.111(12)(g).

This website is entirely owner-funded and maintained. It provides a condo-owner’s perspective on association-related matters and statute requirements/changes, both of which are important for Florida condominium living. If you have questions regarding this website’s content, please submit them on the “Contact Us” page of this website. Thanks!