Here are some links to important Florida Statutes and other information for Jupiter Bay homeowners and Board members.

Florida Statutes:

It's important for condominium boardĀ directors (and owners) to be familiar with these Florida statutes:
Chapter 718 F.S.
Condominium Act
Chapter 720 F.S.
Homeowners' Associations
Chapter 119 F.S.
Public Records
Chapter 399 F.S.
Elevator Safety
Chapter 455 F.S.
Business & Professional Regulation
Chapter 482 F.S.
Pest Control
Chapter 493 Part III F.S.
Private Security Services
Chapter 509 F.S.
Resort Condominiums
Chapter 514 F.S.
Public Pools
Chapter 617 F.S.
Not For Profit Corporations
Chapter 61 B
Florida Administrative Code for Condominiums

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